About EmojiRoyale

EmojiRoyale asks the citizens of the internet import questions about emojis.

Drawing on the votes of our users, we have created a comprehensive database of statistics about various emojis. This incredibly important work relies on your input to create up-to-the-minute statistics about emojis. It is a known fact that emojis tend to lack a strong sense of self. By voting, you're helping us compile information about each emoji so that it may learn more about itself and find inner peace.

To play, click the "Home" link and begin voting. In order to process as much emoji information as possible, we have set a timer of 10 seconds per vote. If you exceed this time limit, you and the rest of the world will explode. After the explosion, a new vote will be presented and the time limit will be reset. To view emoji and question statistics, click the "Emojis" or "Questions" links and explore our extensive database of incredibly relevant information.

Thank you for your participation!

Neal Wright

Neal Wright

Neal is a front-end web developer, web designer, and musician. He developed this site using React and Express.

You can see his portfolio at: NealWright.net.

To check out some of Neal's music, head over to wavecollector.bandcamp.com

Skylark Macadamia

Skylark Macadamia

Skylark is a UI designer, graphic designer, and aerial acrobat. She designed this site using Sketch and Principle.

Take a look at her portfolio at: skylarkmacadamia.com

*Skylark would like you to know that she cannot do a one-arm handstand... yet.